Trend No. 1: Intentional Workplace Cultures

Companies and their CHROs are starting to really understand the role of culture in the workplace.

What is culture? We define culture as the underlying norms, values and beliefs that drive employee behavior in an organization. Its importance can’t be overstated.

In fact, building an intentional culture is one of the most important HR trends that senior leaders and CHROs both agree on.

  1. Organizational design
  2. Leadership
  3. Culture
  4. Engagement

Culture is the single most important factor in an organization’s success or failure. When a company aligns its culture to business goals, employee behavior is aligned as well. Culture matters because it “tells” employees how to behave. Every company’s culture is being shaped, whether actively and intentionally or passively and unintentionally.

And saying culture is good or bad isn’t really the point — it’s about how the culture is supportive and aligned with what your company is trying to do.

When you have a business strategy that also includes an intentional and aligned culture, higher employee performance and better engagement will follow. And with that comes improved organizational performance.

In 2018, we will see more CHROs as changemakers: shaping their organization’s culture in meaningful ways. Examples include:

  • Understanding the current state of their company’s culture
  • Defining the culture in a way that directly ties to business goals
  • Identifying gaps and creating a plan to reduce the gaps over time
  • Bringing their company culture to life with the right tools, resources, processes, environment and much more
  • Monitoring and modifying their approach to culture based on the changing needs of the business and the environment