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Improving employee engagement and combating physician burnout



Allina Health circa 2014: provider burnout was on the rise and employees, from nurses to administrators, didn’t feel their employer cared for their personal well-being. Allina’s check-the-box approach to wellness was missing the mark.


To create a whole-person program that conveyed authentic care for employee well-being, Allina turned to Limeade. Their new approach not only put trust in employees, it helped people proactively improve their own well-being. The program also eliminated biometric screenings and over time shifted to the full Limeade Well-being Assessment, which gives customer access to insights on engagement, turnover and perceptions of company culture. And using the Limeade Organizational Support Model as a guide, Allina reinforced the program in every corner of the organization — from leadership and manager support, to team challenges and a robust Well-Being Champion network that promoted the program at the local level.

But burnout still loomed. Using Limeade, Allina identified provider groups who reported high stress and high engagement, indicating burnout risk. Then, they launched targeted activities to reduce stress, improve resilience, strengthen relationships and reconnect people with their purpose at work.


From end to end, Allina shifted the way they measured program success. In the past, health plan trends and participation reigned supreme. But with a broader outlook on well-being and engagement, Allina now measures success in business results like recruiting and retention. So far, they’re experiencing lower turnover for program participants, and better patient satisfaction ratings for hospitals and clinics with high employee engagement.


"One of the things we want to do at Allina Health is make it as easy as possible for our employees to connect their passions and their talents to our mission… I think we’ve got a terrific partner in Limeade."

Christine Moore, Chief Human Resources Officer 

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