Iron Mountain

A single platform to improve employee well-being



Iron Mountain, a market leader in information management, had a wellness program that wasn’t producing results. Engagement was low, program design was off-base and health plan costs were still too high. In 2013, leadership reevaluated the new LiveWell program. The intent was the same, to invest in people and their families, but this time the strategy was different. This program would support the whole person.


In partnership with ADURO and fueled by Limeade technology, Iron Mountain turned LiveWell into something new. Customized design and strategic activities emphasized the whole employee, and to drive participation, leaders offered a generous incentive structure. With ADURO, Iron Mountain also hosted more health screening events than ever and brought a dedicated onsite coach on board.[1]

Iron Mountain used LiveWell to inspire participation in over 14 health, benefit and internal initiatives. Employees were suddenly connected to one, integrated experience that delivered personal insights and engaging program communications. For example, after launching a safety training series, 92% of Mountaineers said they discovered the resources on the LiveWell platform.


Iron Mountain experienced phenomenal improvements in health, well-being and productivity. And since launch, they’ve seen three consecutive years of flat healthcare rates.[2] Most importantly, the culturally-relevant well-being strategy gave people a sense that the company was acting on their behalf

[1] 78 events in 2015 versus 3 in 2012.
[2] With no significant plan changes.

"LiveWell has really brought the Iron Mountain culture to life for Mountaineers across the United States. They feel like the company is legitimately, honestly interested in their well-being and helping them become better people."

Scott Kirschner, Director of Benefits Strategy

Scott kirchner - Iron Mountain