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A refreshing way to infuse care into work

At Limeade, our mobile-first solution is grounded in science to improve well-being, engagement and inclusion.

employee well-being activities

Hear the heartbeat of your company

Truly listen and respond to your workforce in real time through science-based surveys, polls and quizzes.


of Limeade users are highly engaged or engaged

Get real-time insights into the health of your employee experience

Discover hot spots and actionable employee well-being insights with customized dashboards for burnout, turnover and more.


lower turnover for employees who participate in a Limeade program

Secondary Mobile Screen Extensions

Reach employees where they are

With Limeade, you can engage your people. Drive essential resources to the right people at the right time for maximum exposure and participation.


usage rate over 7 days at Groz-Beckert

Employee experience programs that meet you where you are

Proudly serving the world’s biggest and best companies

With Limeade, you can engage your people anywhere, in multiple languages, with a powerful solution designed to match the consumer-grade experiences that employees expect.

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Two people working at a computer together in discussion. Overlaid Limeade icons for the science of care and technology solutions.Two people working at a computer together in discussion. Overlaid Limeade icons for the science of care and technology solutions.

Science you can rely on

Our dedicated team of researchers and advisors conducts research and shares insight on the science behind creating great employee experiences.

15+ years

pioneering employee well-being research

Why Limeade

16 Years

pioneering employee health and well-being in the workplace

100 +

countries with millions of users worldwide, and available in 19 languages


and only publicly held well-being company on the planet

EX Leader

strong performer in EX Management Platforms by Forrester

Good for people and for business

Reaching employees

“Our solution to reach people was Limeade’s solution of a global, mobile app to help reach people where they are. We selected Limeade as a partner because they were at the forefront of communications in their sphere, they were really thinking ahead of the communications space and understanding that mobile was really the future of how to reach employees effectively.” 

Erin Libardoni, Communications and Community Relations Manager, Fortune Brands

Real experts. Real science. Real results.

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Learn how Limeade can help you to amplify care every day