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We stay flexible to integrate the best employee experience technology

Limeade offers built-in access to trusted, best-in-class partners for maximum flexibility. We also seamlessly integrate with your own preferred content, benefits and partners to deliver a tailored programme that meets your unique needs.

For your people, that means a seamless user experience. For your organisation, it means increased leverage of resources and a unified source for people results.

An enhanced experience


For employers

Our proven solution providers streamline management and increase the use of all programmes through communication, machine learning, programme design and more.


For employees

Personalised programmes and activities create a relevant experience for employees, while seamlessly integrated partner programmes shape an intuitive user journey.


For partners

Working with Limeade improves adoption, and the simple, modern API-based integration ensures that customers never have to do the heavy lifting.

Flexible integrations

Are you searching for functionality, content or services not covered by our existing partnerships? Do you need deeper integration to make Limeade work for your organisation?

No problem. Limeade can coordinate with your trusted partners or help your team to research the right solution. Our purpose is to make life and work easier for employees — that includes simplifying access to the information and content you need them to see. Our Smart Hub technology connects all your HR and people programmes to Limeade through our integration centre.

We’ve integrated with over 250 companies to share data, build a seamless user experience and drive better results. We have experience integrating with:

  • Device partners
  • Content partners
  • Benefits administration partners
Stylized illustration showing various components of technology pointing into a desktop and mobile device.Stylized illustration showing various components of technology pointing into a desktop and mobile device.
Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Learn how Limeade can help you to amplify care every day