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A refreshing way to infuse care into work

Limeade EX amplifies care for your employees every day with integrated communications, enhanced employee listening and predictive data. Caring for employees is good for people and for business.

Employee experience software that meets the moment

Your employees’ sense of well-being, engagement and inclusion has never been more essential to your success — or more interconnected. Limeade EX gives you the technology you need to support every aspect of the employee experience, promoting engagement with an employee-first approach, infusing well-being into work and turning inclusion into action.

Limeade EX is a unified approach to the employee experience for today’s workplace, giving you one modern, mobile solution to streamline your initiatives and amplify care every day.

Limeade Institute research has found that when employees feel cared for they are:


more likely to be engaged at work


more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work


less likely to suffer from stress and burnout


higher cash flow per employee over a three-year period

StarkCo Engagement Survey in English and Spanish

Reach every employee with a global employee experience solution

Culture doesn’t end with location. Take care of your employees no matter where they are, who they are or what they do for your organization. Scale your efforts across devices and languages, with professionally translated and localised surveys and activities that get everyone involved.

Improve the total employee experience with inclusion

Inclusion impacts people and business performance. With a higher sense of inclusion, companies are 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets1 and 19% of employees have greater well-being in their lives.

Statistic to Current Level of Employee Stress

Drive results with actionable insights

Our dashboards show data that helps care for your people — like calculating the risk for turnover and burnout. Along with expert guidance from your customer success team, we’ll help you reach your goals.

Inspire action with real-time communications and resources

Social capabilities and an engaging design are the key to earning employee participation. With communications functionality built directly into our EX solution, we empower admins and programme champions with self-service communications, resources and notifications to targeted employee groups. For Ryan LLC, that meant a nearly 2x increase in monthly active usage.

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Expert guidance from purpose-driven people

Our team will work with you to create an experience that’s as unique as your culture. Using the latest science from the Limeade Institute and insights from our deep experience, Limeade gives your people a programme that’s relevant and connected.

We create healthy employee experiences to increase well-being and engagement, and reduce burnout and turnover

Reach everyone and empower the entire organisation to create connections that build community and strengthen culture with social updates and rewarding interactions.
Streamline all of your employee resources and initiatives in a modern, mobile platform.
Meet the moment with real-time people insights that matter — like stress, engagement, risk for burnout and turnover.
Guide peers, managers and leaders to be there for your people in meaningful ways.
Customise your EX programme to meet the unique challenges of your organisation with expert guidance from our purpose-driven people.
Drive scale and action with science-based surveys and expert guidance.
Boost employee listening with surveys from our library or customise for your needs.
Turn inclusion insights into everyday action.
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“We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more — and having a central point where we can say ‘here is help’ — our speed to care for people has been there from day one.”

Tony Bridwell, Ryan LLC, Chief People Officer

“We selected Limeade as a partner because they were at the forefront of communications in their sphere, they were really thinking ahead of the communications space and understanding that mobile was really the future of how to reach employees effectively.” 

Erin Libardoni, Fortune Brands, Communications and Community Relations Manager
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Pioneering the science of employee experience

Limeade was founded on the belief that work could be a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. We created the Limeade Institute to perform research and put that science into action to evolve the modern workplace.

  • Checkmark4x less likely to suffer from stress and burnout when you feel your company cares for you
  • Checkmark56% of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their levels with Limeade

Employee experience FAQs

Employee experience resources

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