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An employee experience platform to amplify care every day

The Limeade platform powers our employee experience solution to deliver a powerful, enterprise-ready and consumer-grade approach.

Demonstrate care across the employee experience

The Limeade platform gives you the tools to engage your workforce and change their behaviour. Surveys and polls allow you to learn what employees are thinking, while dashboards give you data on how they’re doing. We’ll work with you to combine those insights with the latest research from the Limeade Institute to deliver science-based approaches that are proven to work.

Employees can choose the activities that suit them best — in the language they choose and on the device they prefer — with a design that mirrors the look and feel of apps they already use.

When employees feel that their company cares, they’re:


as likely to be engaged at work


more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work

A global employee experience platform

We give you powerful capabilities that can reach employees wherever they are with a modern experience designed for today’s social media-savvy users. Scale one message across devices and languages, with professionally translated activities to make sure everyone can get involved.

The experience employees will use

Social capabilities and an engaging design are the key to earning employee participation. For Ryan LLC, that meant a 2x increase in monthly active usage.

Insights into what works — and what’s next

We give you the tools to measure what matters and the support to act on it. Our purpose-driven people help you to track metrics such as turnover rate and burnout risk so you can get on top of them in advance with science-driven solutions.

We provide a holistic platform for your organisation

Access to all Limeade partners and the opportunity to integrate with your resources and initiatives.
Enterprise-level security that’s GDPR and SOC 2 compliant.
Reward functionality, encouraging employees to level up.
Real-time insights and expert guidance from purpose-driven people committed to your success.

“It just works. I work in HR, not IT. Thanks to Limeade, I can focus on my people, not technology.”

Andrea Romisher, Kindred Healthcare SVP of HR

“I can’t imagine an organisation having to navigate through a circumstance as disruptive as COVID-19 without having a platform like Limeade in place to help their people.”

Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer, Ryan LLC
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Pioneering the science of employee care

Limeade was founded on the belief that work could be a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. In 2015, we started the Limeade Institute to put more proof behind that idea. Employees who feel that their company cares for them are:

  • Checkmark9x more likely to stay at their company for 3 or more years
  • Checkmark4x less likely to suffer from stress and burnout
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Are you ready to meet the moment with an integrated employee experience?