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Deliver people results that
matter through care

Limeade amplifies your support for employees with science-based solutions that are proven to work.

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Companies who use Limeade achieved


of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their stress levels year-by-year


increase in employee usage


of employees report being engaged or highly engaged


reduction in turnover

Amplify employee care every day

Limeade helps you to take care of your people, and taking care of your people is good for business. Limeade EX can improve well-being, promote engagement, foster inclusion and reduce risk of burnout and turnover by creating a personalised experience for every employee.

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Infuse well-being into your workplace culture

Limeade focuses on research-backed actions organisations can take to show their employees care. Our approach gives you flexible technology plus expert guidance that delivers results.

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Limeade amplifies care every day

The Limeade EX solution comes with powerful capabilities that infuse well-being into work, deliver employee-first engagement, drive action for inclusion and transform the employee experience, all within an intuitive and integrated platform.

Well Being

Infuse Well-being

Provide peers, managers and leaders with the tools they need to care for each other and themselves.


Increase Engagement

Reinforce connection and listening to encourage everyone to build community.


Instill Inclusion

Build a genuinely inclusive workplace by listening, learning and improving with data-driven activities.

Limeade Scale Communications

Scale Communications

Reach every employee everywhere, on their personal phones, in Teams, in the Intranet, on displays or kiosks. 

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Transform workplace challenges into opportunities with Limeade