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A culture that cares for people is good
for business

When companies care for employees, they can better care for themselves, their teams and their company. This helps your business to thrive — reducing turnover and promoting engagement, well-being and inclusion.

The Limeade Results Models shows the cycle of organisations taking care and action for employees, which comes back in return. The final outcome is improved people and business results.

Meet the moment with a caring, committed employee experience

The Limeade Institute was founded to deliver insights and recommendations grounded in research and science. Its team of researchers and advisors use disciplines such as organisational psychology and data science to develop a deeper understanding of the employee experience and pioneer the approaches needed to improve it.

The Limeade Results Model illustrates that an active and reciprocal commitment between companies and employees ultimately leads to better people and business results. Organisations can view insights to determine the outcomes of company and employee action through real-time, on-demand Limeade Insights Dashboards.

When employees feel cared for, they are:


more likely to stay at their company for 3+ years


more likely to be engaged at work

Reduce turnover to retain employees

The Limeade Turnover Dashboard measures the risk of employee turnover across 40 variables, giving you the insight that you need to show employees care before you have to face the high costs of replacing them.

  • Checkmark3x lower turnover rate for employees who actively participated in the Limeade programme at the company
Two HR analysts reviewing employee turnover insights at a computer.Two HR analysts reviewing employee turnover insights at a computer.

Support employee well-being

Our Well-Being Assessment breaks employee responses down into four unique, but interconnected, life areas: emotional, work, financial and physical well-being (including health risk factors). It highlights the interdependencies between diverse well-being variables and outcomes to give you targeted advice for improving workplace well-being.

  • Checkmark48% of employees who used Limeade improved their well-being from neutral/suffering to thriving
  • Checkmark56% of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their stress levels year-by-year
Woman seated with smartphone taking the Limeade Well-Being Assessment.Woman seated with smartphone taking the Limeade Well-Being Assessment.

Improve employee engagement

The Limeade Engagement Dashboard gives you real-time data to measure employee engagement, see its impact on revenue and understand the drivers that affect it. View risk of burnout based on stress and well-being levels. Employees who are engaged are:

  • Checkmark78% more profitable1
  • Checkmark40% more productive1
The Limeade Engagement Dashboard with various insights from employee response rate, engagement, stress and burnout.The Limeade Engagement Dashboard with various insights from employee response rate, engagement, stress and burnout.

A solution that scales to meet the moment — today and tomorrow

Limeade EX comes with powerful capabilities that infuse well-being into work, deliver employee-first engagement, drive action for inclusion and transform the employee experience.

Well Being

Improve Well-being

Provide peers, managers and leaders with the tools they need to care for each other and themselves.


Increase Engagement

Reinforce connection and listening to encourage everyone to build community.


Instill Inclusion

Build a genuinely inclusive workplace by listening, learning and improving with data-driven activities.

Limeade Scale Communications

Scale Communications

Reach every employee everywhere, on their personal phones, in Teams, in the Intranet, on displays or kiosks. 

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

See how the right employee support can help you to meet the moment

1Aon, What makes a company a best employer.