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HR technology that helps you to build a great place to work

Limeade transforms the employee experience, whether you’re a large employer seeking to scale well-being, engagement, inclusion and EX or a service provider advising multiple organisations or health systems.

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Create a culture that’s good for employees and for business

With Limeade, every employee knows their company cares. And when employees feel cared for every day, they do their best work. Our research shows when employees are cared for, they are twice as likely to be engaged and 9x more likely to stay with their employer for three years or more. 

Limeade helps you to meet the moment with personalised experiences for employees, then deliver boardroom-level insights with clear dashboards and predictive data such as risk of burnout. We work across industries and verticals to help to maximise your most valuable resource — your people.

Limeade offers proven tools for employee engagement, health and well-being


of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their levels year-by-year with Limeade


of Limeade users moved their well-being category up from neutral/suffering to thriving


of Limeade users report being engaged or highly engaged employees


lower turnover for employees who participate in the Limeade programme

For enterprise organisations seeking to amplify care

Limeade gives you the technology, plus the expert guidance, to better support your organisation. Since 2006, Limeade has partnered with the biggest and best organisations worldwide to support the well-being, engagement and inclusion of their employees. Our approach is based on science and customised to your needs.

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For service providers seeking to deliver results

Limeade gives your partners science-backed solutions that are integrated with best-in-class tools and equipped with content to engage employees. We’ll work with them to customise the experience and the proof, with easy-to-use dashboards that track the boardroom-level metrics that matter.

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Learn how we can help you to transform the employee experience