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why limeade

Our expertise in improving the employee experience runs deep — care makes us different

Limeade offers an integrated approach for today’s interconnected HR issues to give employees a consistent, comprehensive experience.

Limeade uses science-based approaches that are proven to work


increase in usage when Ryan LLC rolled out full communications and social support


of employees with unmanageable stress lowered it year-by-year with Limeade


of Limeade users report being engaged or highly engaged


lower turnover for employees who use Limeade vs. those who don’t

An employee experience platform that infuses care into work

Limeade offers a single platform to deliver an employee experience solution that scales with you, letting you create a custom programme to meet your needs.

Well Being

Infuse Limeade

Infuse well-being into work and encourage peers, managers and leaders to show care for their colleagues and themselves.


Increase Engagement

Invite everyone in your organisation to take action and create connections, working together to build a better company culture.


Instill Inclusion

Listen and then take action to create an improved sense of belonging for everyone.

Limeade Scale Communications

Scale Communications

Reach every employee everywhere on their personal phones, in Teams, in the Intranet, on displays or kiosk. 

We offer an enterprise-ready, global solution with expert guidance.

We don’t just rely on science; we pioneer it

The Limeade Institute conducts research and shares insight on the science behind creating great employee experiences. The team’s findings support Limeade solutions and drive innovations such as the first-ever Limeade Well-Being Assessment, the Limeade Results Model and our unique approach to organisational support, engagement and inclusion.

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Use our expert guidance combined with your organisational insights to deliver people results that matter

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Learn how we can help you to amplify care every day