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Expert support from purpose-driven people

At Limeade, you’re getting more than a solution, more than science. You’re getting a team of experts who will support you to create the best employee experience for your organisation and people.

We support you, so you can support your employees

Limeade takes a team approach to customer success, surrounding you with the technical, product, scientific and strategic support you need to deliver a solution your employees will want to use. For those who need extra support, we’ll even embed alongside you, bringing Limeade expertise on-site to understand the unique way your culture works. 

Our team will become your team, learning about your business and your employees — finding new ways to improve outcomes for both.

Trusted by the biggest and best companies

G2 Crowd

leader for Corporate Wellness and Employee Engagement software, as ranked by our customers

12 years

average project management experience and an experienced implementation team

15+ years

of industry leadership and experience


onboarding satisfaction score — and constant improvements based on survey results

The 3 phases of Limeade customer implementation

Discover and design

We start with hands-on learning, giving you full access to our software so you can test the employee experience and start thinking about how to tailor it for your team. As we do this, we are also taking the time to learn about your goals, opportunities, challenges and strategic direction. 

Limeade Well-being home page screenshot overlaid on green circle highlighting featured activities like Fund Your Future and Connect with your community. Below the featured activities are suggested activities based on a person completing their Well-Being Assessment.
Group of four coworkers talking at conference table with laptop

Implement and build

With a shared understanding of the employee experience we’re working towards, the Limeade team starts to build your experience — giving you full access so you can see it happen in real time.

Woman in headset talking on video chat

Launch and learn

After the launch, you’ll see the full scope of Limeade support. We’ll work with you to make sure the experience matches our plans from that first stage, and regularly run the discovery process to share the latest science from our team at the Limeade Institute and translate it into effective strategies customised to your needs.


“I have never experienced such an efficient, flexible, creative and enthusiastic implementation and success team. Together, we will create an extraordinary culture!”

Stephanie R. Downs, Senior Worklife and Wellbeing Coordinator at Iowa State University

“Limeade sets itself apart with a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable Customer Success Team — they’re actually helpful and fun to work with! The team was quickly able to learn the nuances of our unique 3,000+ employees in 13 locations and helped us to deliver a solid, first-class product.”

Lindi Taylor, Director of Corporate Communications at Columbia Distributing

Get more out of our EX solution

The Limeade EX solution is backed by science and built on the powerful Limeade platform, and our Customer Success team ensures you get every bit of value from it.

Well Being

Infuse Well-being

Provide peers, managers and leaders with the tools they need to care for each other and themselves. 


Increase Engagement

Reinforce connection and listening to inspire everyone to build community. 


Instill Inclusion

Build a genuinely inclusive workplace by listening, learning and improving with data-driven activities. 


Scale Communications

Reach every employee everywhere on their personal phones, in Teams, in the Intranet, on displays or kiosk.

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Let’s work together to transform the employee experience