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Make this their best job.

A great job is the result of millions of moments. How you shape them for your people makes all the difference.

There’s more to the employee experience than the obvious milestones: interview, onboarding, performance management and even exit. An employee’s experience with your company is made moment by moment. It’s influenced by their teams and colleagues, by the tools they use, by the work they do. It’s made up of the interactions, big and small, that make work feel great.

The intention you put in to building a positive employee experience is more than good business — it’s life-changing for employees. And it all starts with understanding and curating the moments that show people you care.

Those great moments in an employee’s experience used to be random, but now there’s a platform that makes them happen. From activities that improve engagement and well-being to touchpoints that communicate ideas or emphasize inclusion, Limeade ONE creates a “best job” kind of experience for your people.

A day in the life:
Moments that make work great.

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Facility Group Leader

With over 15 years of experience, Andrew is valued by his employer for his operational skills and industry expertise. He was recently promoted to Facility Group Leader. Limeade ONE helps him care for and monitor the well-being, safety and productivity of his tight-knit team.

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9:15 AM

It’s time for his group’s morning meeting. Andrew likes to keep his team informed, so before catching up and discussing objectives, Andrew scans Limeade ONE for corporate updates to share with his team.

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12:00 PM

In the break room, Andrew and his team gather for lunch. They’re all looking forward to their Limeade team challenge — their employer is sponsoring a volunteer day with a local nonprofit.

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5:00 PM

Off the clock, Andrew and his team head out for the day. He tells his team they exceeded their goals for the day and he’ll post about their success for the whole company to see.

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7:00 PM

Back at home, Andrew prepares dinner. After his company started providing healthy snacks in the break room, a Limeade activity inspired Andrew to start cooking healthier meals for himself.

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