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Make this their best job.

A great job is the result of millions of moments. How you shape them for your people makes all the difference.

There’s more to the employee experience than the obvious milestones: interview, onboarding, performance management and even exit. An employee’s experience with your company is made moment by moment. It’s influenced by their teams and colleagues, by the tools they use, by the work they do. It’s made up of the interactions, big and small, that make work feel great.

The intention you put in to building a positive employee experience is more than good business — it’s life-changing for employees. And it all starts with understanding and curating the moments that show people you care.

Those great moments in an employee’s experience used to be random, but now there’s a platform that makes them happen. From activities that improve engagement and well-being to touchpoints that communicate ideas or emphasize inclusion, Limeade ONE creates a “best job” kind of experience for your people.

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Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Angie is dedicated to her job and her growing family at home. In addition to helping her strike a healthy work-life balance, Limeade ONE helps Angie stay connected from her remote office, keeping her up to date on all the latest company and team news.

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8:30 AM

Angie signs into Limeade ONE and explores the latest and greatest: she’s excited to see that her coworker Jessica just welcomed a new baby!

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10:00 AM

While reading emails, Angie gets a notification from Limeade ONE. It’s reminding her to work on a mindfulness activity to address her stress levels.

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1:00 PM

After nervously submitting a project to her manager for review, Angie receives a “cheers” in her Limeade ONE inbox: “Angie, this work is phenomenal. Let’s talk about it at 3 today.”

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3:45 PM

Angie calls her coworker Brian to discuss the working parents resource group they founded. It’s a topic close to her heart. Based on a recent inclusion survey they launched, they’re now searching for a company-sponsored speaker for their next meeting.

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