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A 10-year tribute to LimeMates past & present

Tiff Napolitano 1 - A 10-year tribute to LimeMates past & present
Tiff Napolitano, Product Jedi since 2010

Tiff Napolitano shares a few words…

I’m an old timer here at Limeade. Being so, I am often asked what keeps me here. My response is always the same: my teammates and of course our mission. We call one another LimeMates (Limeade+Teammates), which is a term me and Alex Akita (another long timer) coined in early on in the development of our own well-being program. When I was asked to write a blog post to celebrate our 10 years, my immediate thought was it had to be about LimeMates.

I dedicate this to all of you – LIMEMATES. We have grown from a gritty group of 7 to an amazing team of ~200. Yet through it all, we have maintained our heart and soul. You are all the reason we are here today. I appreciate the effort, energy, and passion you bring to what we do every day. Thanks for being who you all are. To 10 more!

(Special thanks to Lora and Moses for inspiring me to use kinetic typography!)