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2018: The Year of Employee Engagement

To kick the year off right, here’s a note from Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht.

Happy New Year! These first few weeks of the new year are always refreshing for me. It’s a new game. As CEO, I set intentions for Limeade that challenge us to be as great as we can be, while always staying true to our mission: improve well-being in the world.

This year’s Limeade resolution feels more relevant than ever: Elevate the employee engagement discussion to help companies achieve greatness. We’re working to help your people feel good and work with purpose — this is well-being. We also want them to feel that real emotional connection to their work that drives extra energy and purpose — this is employee engagement. You can see the obvious connection.

Because of this, we’re calling 2018 the “Year of Employee Engagement.”

It’s not all good news in the work world. We’re wearing “busy” like a badge of honor. People are stressed out, suffering and disconnected. The good news is companies like yours are embracing whole person well-being and engagement. Our decade of research shows this approach works for people and for business, and we’re excited to be your trusted partner as we take on this global workforce challenge.

We made major investments in 2017 to elevate our game — and we’re excited to see our vision come to life this year. We’re a true employee engagement platform now, pulling together well-being, engagement, social recognition and inclusion software into one seamless experience — one that brings workplace culture to life and helps employees and companies feel more connected.

In a world where two-thirds of people feel disengaged at work, this more holistic approach is achieving results with some of you that go beyond health risks and cost reduction to something richer: true employee engagement.

We’re elevating the discussion because we know it drives more buy-in and organizational support. But make no mistake, our roots remain firmly in well-being. We’ve always been guided by the belief that true engagement comes when people feel good and live with a sense of purpose. That’s why we focus on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs that support both.

I’m grateful every day to serve customers like you. Let’s tap into purpose, community, belonging, autonomy, mastery, mindfulness, resilience, esprit de corps, and energy; into physical, emotional, financial and work well-being. These are deep wells to drive innovation and nourish businesses in good times and in bad.

Together, let’s change the way we work. Cheers to 2018!

Be well,

Henry Albrecht

CEO, Limeade