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2019: Year of Employee Experience

To kick the year off right, here’s a note from Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht.

Last year was tremendous for Limeade. I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for all the amazing things that graced us in 2018. Here’s a snapshot of what I shared with our Limeade customers to celebrate achievements — and get excited about 2019.

Our 2018 accomplishments are possible because of our passionate and dedicated team of LimeMates and because of you — our incredible customers.

  • We built incredible innovations with new inclusion, engagement and communications solutions
  • We welcomed new employees and new technology through our Sitrion acquisition
  • We went fully global with our Limeade programs, Well-Being Assessment, new Limeade offices in Germany, Canada and Australia, GDPR compliance and more
  • We dug deep into the burnout epidemic with new research, a new burnout risk indicator and the Caregiver Burnout Consortium
  • We integrated with a leading technology company to help people schedule time for their well-being at work
  • We welcomed dozens of new customers

Each year I get the opportunity to spend time with many of you — whether it’s at Limeade Engage, a Limeade Tour stop or another HR event. These interactions solidify my belief that you all genuinely care about people and want to make work and life better for them (that’s why we fondly call you “Changemakers”).

This is exciting because it’s exactly what we want to do too.

Since our founding we’ve been dedicated to improving well-being in the world and building great companies. We’re working to help your people feel good and work with purpose — this is well-being. We also want them to feel that real emotional connection to their work that drives extra energy and purpose — this is employee engagement. At the end of the day, we want your people to feel connected, cared for, included, engaged and ready to do the best and most meaningful work of their lives.

In 2019, we will take this even further. Limeade Institute research reveals that when companies are intentional about everything that impacts the employee – something we’re calling the caring employee experience — people feel it and are more committed to your organization as a result. In fact, regular Limeade users are twice as likely to stay at your company in 2019 than non-users.

So this year, we’re focusing on the employee experience.

How can Limeade bring a caring employee experience to life at your company? How can we help educate people about the undeniable connections between well-being, engagement and inclusion? How can we reach more of your employees, so they know you truly care about them and help you break down silos to connect with other changemakers like you?

These are the challenges we’re excited to tackle with you. We’ll be diving into them at Limeade Engage. Hope you and your leaders join us in Austin for that.

Thank you again for your support, your feedback, your dedication to your employees and your business. We couldn’t achieve our mission without you and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Cheers to building amazing employee experiences!

Be well,

Henry Albrecht

CEO, Limeade