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4 ways local health leaders think we can improve health

Last week, Limeade was honored to be a part of a Multicultural Executive Breakfast Panel hosted by the American Heart Association. The panel brought together Swedish Health Services CEO, Tony Armada, CEO of Wells Fargo WA, Mary Knell, and Limeade CEO, Henry Albrecht for a lively discussion about how to improve health. As we look to improve the health of ourselves, our employees and our customers, here are four takeaways that we left with:

  1. “Health is not a product of healthcare – it’s a product of how we live,” – Dr. Leo Morales, Chief Diversity Officer at the UW Medical School.

    Dr. Morales discussed the need to look beyond illness to focus on promoting healthy living with safe spaces for exercise, access to healthy foods, and clean environments. He believes this can be accomplished through engaging communities and the workforce, noting that we each, “have the greatest amount of control” over our own health.

  2. “The quick fix mentality is the enemy,” – Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO.

    Henry emphasized the need for people to look beyond popping pills to the fundamental health issues for a true long-term solution and to take ownership for what we can each do.

  3. We need the community.

    Tony Armada explained that living healthy requires lots of support not only from friends and family, but the larger community. Mary Knell agreed saying that as a woman leader she realizes that it’s her role to encourage employees to take care of themselves, eat well, exercise, sleep and find balance.

  4. Employers need to step up.

    Henry explained how employers must take responsibility for their employee’s health by building a culture that authentically supports health with good role models, flexibility, and permission to pursue well-being activities like stress relief breaks and wellness programs.

To hear from the panelists on their ideas to improve health, check out this video from the American Heart Association.