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5 TED talks to inspire improvement this year

With a new year comes new opportunities to improve your well-being. Check out these five TED talks that’ll inspire and help you jump start 2016.

Top TED talks to inspire improvement

1. The power of vulnerability

[ted id=1042]

In this touching talk on human connection, Brene Brown shares insights from her research on shame and ways we can further open ourselves to experiences that bring purpose and meaning.

2. The difference between winning and succeeding

[ted id=498]

Coach John Wooden shares the advice he gave his basketball players at UCLA, redefines success and remembers his father’s wisdom. 

3. Keep your goals to yourself

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When we set new goals, it’s instinctual for us to share them. But Derek Sivers presents research that suggests people who talk about their goals are less likely to achieve them.

4. The skill of self-confidence

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Dr. Ivan Joseph believes confidence isn’t static and explains how self-confidence is a skill you can improve through repetition.

5. Perspective is everything

[ted id=1437]

In this talk, Rory Sutherland makes a compelling case for reframing the way we see obstacles as the key to happiness.

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