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5 TED Talks to boost your mood

Looking to brighten your spirits? Check out these five TED talks that’ll inspire a happier you.

Top TED talks to boost your mood


1. How to buy happiness

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Michael Norton shares his fascinating study on how money can buy happiness. Originally using college students, Michael Norton gave money to students to either spend on themselves or on others. The results will surprise you.

2. What makes a good life? Lesson from the longest study on happiness

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Researcher Robert Waldinger and his team have been tracking the lives of 724 men for more than 75 years, studying happiness. In this talk, he shares three major insights from the study.

3. The hidden power of smiling

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In this funny and smile-worthy talk, Ron Gutman explains the many benefits of smiling and the research behind it.

4. Want to be happier? Stay in the moment

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Matt Killingsworth explores the big causes of happiness, which he says has a lot to do with moment-to-moment experiences. Maybe your daily mind-wanderings might not be a good thing…

5. Wisdom from great writers on every year of life

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In this talk, journalist Joshua Prager uses a compilation of author quotes to showcase the varying experiences in different stages of life. 

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