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5 things I learned about the working world from Limeade

This summer, I interned at Limeade as a configuration specialist intern. My days were spent configuring specific elements of our platform to fit customer requests. This internship gave me way more than what the job description entailed. In addition to the technical skills I gained, I also learned how to work in an office (from how to talk to coworkers, email customers and everything in between).

Here are the top five things I learned during my time here at Limeade:

1. Nice people get things done.

Interning at Limeade this summer was my first experience working in a corporate setting, and without a doubt I was nervous. But as soon as I joined the team, everyone was incredibly welcoming, friendly and supportive – this made me excited to work. Limeade has a “no jerk” hiring policy – and it works! I was motivated to help and work with my coworkers because they were people I’d be friends with. The takeaway? Be nice! Things tend to be in your favor if you are.

2. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve all heard it before, yet sometimes we’re still afraid to ask. I learned that asking questions also helps others too. As an intern, I had fresh eyes on the product and processes. So if I had a lot of questions on something, it highlighted areas for improvement for my team.

3. The value of job shadowing.

There are so many different teams at Limeade, with each one doing something new and innovative. If you want to learn more about a different department or topic, shadow someone from that team. I was curious about marketing, so I shadowed someone on our content marketing team – and got hands-on experience with some of the tools used to engage customer and prospects. I found it’s the best way to learn the real-world applications of concepts you learned (or didn’t learn) in school.

4. Try to figure it out on your own.

Even though it’s important to ask questions, I learned it’s equally important to try to figure things out on your own. Mistakes help you learn and the concepts I tried to figure out by myself are the ones I remember the most.

5. It’s all about communication.

Prior to Limeade, I didn’t really know much about communication in a work setting. I now understand how important it is, especially at Limeade. Since Limeade is extremely collaborative across teams and across the company, it’s even more important to share where we are with projects or tasks. Everyone is transparent and shares what they’re working on – including interns. I was encouraged to bring my ideas to the table and give input on projects that were happening.

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer at Limeade because it gave me insights into how a company functions – something I wouldn’t get to experience at school.