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7 ways to stay sane during Storm Jonas

Don’t let Storm Jonas bring you down. Check out some of our favorite ways to fight cabin fever while you’re stuck at home.

7 ways to stay sane during the storm

1. Declutter your space

Take advantage of the unexpected free time and finally organize the storage closet or kitchen. Turn on some music and break a sweat — did you know you can burn up to 180 calories just by doing household chores?

2. Silence your mind

Practicing mindfulness is always a good idea, but it’s especially smart when you feel trapped inside. Ease your mind, focus on breathing, meditate, take a tech-free break or practice yoga. To get you started, check out Headspace and Breathe2Relax — two of our favorite mindfulness apps.

3. Connect with a friend

Take this time to reach out to a friend or relative who you haven’t spoken to recently. Whether it’s Skype with your aunt or Facetime with your college roommate, connecting and reflecting will leave you in positive spirits.

4. Learn something new

Knock off that one thing you’ve been curious to explore but haven’t had the time to do. Read the book on your nightstand, plot out a detailed career development plan.

5. Get moving (at home)

Who says you need equipment to work out? Clear some space in your living room, and put your bodyweight to work. Start small with push-ups, lunges and wall sits, or go big with Greatist’s 50 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

6. Cut yourself some slack

Instead of beating yourself up over that run you didn’t take or the pizza you ate, start planning ahead. Map out your meals for next week, and make a shopping list so you’re prepared to dive back into your normal routine as soon you can get to the store. We’re loving Cooking Light’s 25-minute dinner recipes. And don’t forget to stock the freezer with healthy options in case another storm hits this winter.

7. Get outside

Make the most of the snowfall and get yourself outside. Organize a neighborhood snowball fight, build a snowman or shovel your streets (talk about a high-calorie workout). If you’re feeling extra adventurous, bust out your skis or snowboard and join in on the fun — New York and Washington, D.C. residents are skiing their way through the cities!