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A look inside the Limeade Engage Hearts & Minds Tour

This summer we hosted the Limeade Engage Hearts & Minds Tour. We took two interactive, research-based employee engagement workshops to four cities: San Diego, Dallas, Philadelphia and Boston.

HR leaders came together to discuss the topics of employee engagement, burnout and how to authentically invest in and support employees.

Tour2 - A look inside the Limeade Engage Hearts & Minds Tour

Workshop #1 - Employee Engagement: The Next Chapter

Limeade Chief Science Officer, Laura Hamill, talked about the connection between well-being and engagement. She discussed what burnout is and how it can be prevented, ways to improve employee engagement and how to help companies evolve their approach to it.

Key takeaways:

  • Engaged employees tend to report low levels of stress
  • We often lose our most committed employees to burnout, which is typically caused by organizational issues, but manifests itself so differently that we tend to think of it as an individual problem
  • Employees can also learn ways to manage and reframe stress
  • Traditional approaches to employee engagement need to evolve to incorporate well-being and more of a focus on taking action

 “The topic of burnout — this isn’t' something addressed enough in a real way. The symptoms and science behind it was helpful.”

“Helpful and insightful, very engaged & energized. The content was relevant and digestible.”

Workshop #2 - Organizational Support for Well-Being

Lindsay Lagreid, Strategic Account Executive at Limeade, talked about the science and research behind organizational support, why it’s important and what it looks like in the workplace. She helped attendees asses their own organizational support strategy, and learn tips and tricks for how to strengthen their employee engagement program in order to build a great company.

Key takeaways:

  • The most important drivers of organizational support for well-being are:
    • Managers
    • Well-being tools and resources
    • Leadership support

“How managers play a primary role in employee well-being. For better or worse it caps with them, either need to influence senior leadership or give managers the message.”

 “Very applicable and interesting… keep getting the word out on these topics.”

We know that engaged workforces mean better business results. To learn more, check out our e-book on employee engagement, “The Big E.”