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6 ways to address September stress

September can be a stressful month. This back-to-school time represents more than just the start of carpool and packed lunches: we say goodbye to a carefree summertime mindset, seem to work longer hours, have a tighter budgets and begin to plan for the holidays.

To help you address that September stress, we’ve put together six of our best stress-relieving tips:

1. Take a stress break. A five-minute “time-out” during your workday can work wonders. Not only will you feel relaxed, but you’ll also have renewed energy and better productivity when you get back to work. Walk around the block, take 10 deep breaths, get up and stretch or grab a cup of water or herbal tea.

2. Be resilient. Roll with the punches, be flexible and welcome a challenge. How do you do this? Set achievable daily goals, practice thankfulness, learn from your failures and always get back up!

3. Practice positive self-talk. That running commentary inside your head can either drag you down or lift you up. And when you feel stressed-out, your self-talk is likely to focus on the negatives. Next time you catch yourself with a bad thought, practice emphasizing the positives in your life. Having an optimistic mindset can protect you from anxiety AND illness.

4. Get your zzz’s. When you get a good night’s rest, you are able to handle the day’s stress more easily. You’re more patient and less easily agitated. Your body sleeps better when it follows a schedule, so try to wake up at the same time everyday (even on weekends).

5. Keep a stress journal. Set aside a few minutes to reflect on your week and journal your thoughts. By assessing the causes of stress in your life, you start to solve problems and test coping mechanisms. Try writing midweek, so you can set up an action plan before the week is over.

6. Strike a pose. We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, improved mood, better focus and reduced stress. But have you actually tried it? September is National Yoga Month and there’s no better way to celebrate than getting one-week of free yoga at over 2,200 participating yoga studios nationwide! Check out Yoga Health Foundation to find a studio near you.