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Why advertising your unique employee perks attracts top talent

Betsy 150x150 - Why advertising your unique employee perks attracts top talentThis is a guest post by Betsy Rowbottom, Co-founder and Chief Culture Office of The Good Jobs™.  While working as a recruiter, she observed that job postings often do not reflect a company’s culture. She noticed that when a company’s unique culture or Employee Value Proposition wasn’t shared, discerning job seekers were less likely to apply. She created The Good Jobs to help, offering companies a way to present their unique culture, employment brand and corporate philosophy.  


Does your organization’s awesome employee perks, such as your wellness program, free meals and on-site laundry services only live in your on-boarding documents and employee handbooks? It’s time to dust off those on-boarding binders and show job seekers (and customers) how you invest in your employees!

Most companies wait until they’re on-boarding a new employee to share all the unique perks that reflect their culture. While it’s true that most of these programs are primarily utilized for retention and engagement, many companies are missing a huge opportunity to showcase those same programs as recruiting tools.

When you only tell a job seeker about the minimum qualifications to perform the duties of the job and how much it pays, that’s all you have in common with them. That’s like buying house based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms! When we make a major investment like buying a house, we want to know everything – How close is my house to my favorite coffee shop? Can I walk to work? Is there good public transportation?

It’s important to ask the same questions for work. Lets face it – 2,000+ working hours a year is a lot of time. But many job seekers settle for very little insight into a company, simply quitting if the culture doesn’t meet their expectations. This is costly to the company and the job seeker who is labeled a job-hopper.

Fix this problem by giving candidates insight about your awesome culture. The most discerning job-seekers (the ones you want) want to know about everything you do before they make a decision.

Here are a few companies I have my eye on that are offering unique perks AND doing a great job showcasing the culture:

Corvisa – Milwaukee, Wis.

Corvisa invites their employees to release their stress and neck kinks at their free campus fitness center, or join their on-site yoga classes or running club. They also encourage commuting by bike and offer off-street parking for employees to park their bikes.

Moz – Seattle, Wash.

Moz has invested in their culture from Day One. They don’t just use marketing buzz words like “we work hard / play hard” – they put their money where their mouth is by offering a $3,000/year paid vacation in addition to paid time off. They also invest in their employee’s charities by offering a 150 percent donation matching program.

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