Watch Webinar on Demand: Architecting a Caring Employee Experience

“If you can focus on whole-person well-being, the actions and intentions of a caring employee experience will follow.” — Liz Pavese-Kaplan, Sr. Researcher, Limeade As the world is navigating a storm of influences (the pandemic, social and racial injustices, balancing new work-life arrangements … need we say more?), employees and organizations are preparing for what’s […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: How to Deliver a More Human Employee Experience

“We need to think of EX as being created with employees, not something that is done to our employees.”— Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute As the world collectively continues to combat the pandemic and the effects it has on our lives, employees and organizations are preparing for what’s next. And as no two organizations […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: Shaping the Employee Experience

“The information you communicate to your employees has to be relevant. It’s one thing to communicate but being relevant will make sure that messages land.” —Larry Colagiovanni, VP, Research & Development, Limeade Every experience we have, whether it’s going to a restaurant or spending a day at work, is made up of a series of […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: How to Manage Difficult Conversations With Employees

“Continue the compassionate conversations. These conversations are about getting better, not bringing each other down.”— Nani Vishwanath, People Team Manager, Limeade Throughout 2020, many companies have been deeply impacted by divisive rhetoric, provocative organizational changes, challenging social norms, and widespread societal unrest. How are you and the fellow leaders within your organization prepared to handle […]