Resilience Training: How to Know When Your Team Needs It

In business, we’re taught to focus on solutions — to not even bring an issue up until you’ve found a workable answer to it. So knowing when employees are struggling with resilience can be difficult to identify, let alone know when it’s time to get training for your team.  Resilience is supposed to be the […]

How to Support the Mental Health of Your Remote Employees

Not so long ago, working from home was considered an effective way to support employees’ mental health. It was an in-demand benefit that reduced commute stress and improved work-life balance, helping your organization attract and retain talent.  Now it’s just another pandemic reality, and the mental health of remote workers is fast becoming a top […]

6 Ways to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

As your company has adapted to a new reality, so have your employees. They’ve traded spontaneous collaboration for calendar invites and “lunch and learns” for webinar replays once the kids are asleep. They’ve done what they could to create a productive workspace and keep structure to their days. But they’re not feeling great about it. […]

The First Female Recession: How to Support Women Now

Rising women in the workforce has corresponded nicely with rising GDP and business profits over the last several decades. Now, the COVID-19 recession is threatening that progress, and the gender diversity efforts of employers. Not since 1948 has the female unemployment rate hit double digits, according to the National Women’s Law Center. The pandemic hurts […]

AIP 2020 Went Virtual — These Are My Biggest Takeaways

By Daniel Oppong, Limeade EX Strategy Specialist I joined Limeade in August 2019. Not long after my first week on the job, I was on a plane to Bellevue, Washington, for my first-ever companywide event. Given I was the new kid on the block, this experience would serve as an important catalyst for my integration […]

Workplaces in Crisis: Employee Care Still Missing the Mark

Employees deserve to feel like their company cares about them. It’s a concept that yesterday’s business leaders questioned — but no one’s questioning it now. More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are struggling in unprecedented ways and are looking to their employers as a source of support. Ironically, Limeade launched the 2020 […]