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3 Ways to Reward Employees for Living Company Values

We help bring company cultures to life, and that starts with our own. One way we’ve been able to do this is by incorporating company values into challenges and showcasing them through program branding. Promoting values that employees can stand behind is essential to building a successful company culture.

It is important for employees to know and live their company’s values — so it’s critical that organizations consistently communicate them to employees. Many companies invest time and money creating value statements that end up as forgotten words on company websites. In order to make your values have a lasting impact, they need to be genuinely embraced. And the best way to do that is by rewarding employees who are examples of living company values. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Create a Cheers for Peers employee reward system

Recognize coworkers who live your company’s values. You can do this by rewarding employees that nominate their peers and by also reward the nominees. By celebrating and rewarding employees for behavior that embodies your corporate values, you send a powerful message that performance is noticed and appreciated. In fact, employees feel more enabled and empowered to succeed, as well as more committed to your organization when you have a strategic recognition program that is connected to corporate values. We do this at Limeade by using TINYpulse and we give employees points in our own engagement program each week for recognizing their peers.

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2. Reward employees who walk the walk

Recognize employees who live corporate values by encouraging them to share a story or insight about what the value means to them and how they’re living it. This helps to bring values to life by giving employees concrete examples of living company values.

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3. Display your company values

Incorporate company values throughout your program’s imagery and text. We do this in our own Limeade program, LimeMates Be It, by naming challenges and levels around company values. In fact, our employee reward system is named after one of our values — ‘Be it.’ This reminds employees of what your organization stands for and encourages them to model such behavior.

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