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How to Build the Business Case for Communications

The most important metric, to business and to people, is showing employees you care — about their well-being, engagement and sense of inclusion. And communication is a huge part of that.

Why make the case for an employee mobile app?

Whether your goal is to connect a dispersed workforce, streamline employee communications or increase engagement and productivity, internal communication is critical to the strategic direction and success of your organization. In fact, a LinkedIn and @Work study found that 47% of global workers said discussing success with colleagues motivates them. But it starts with executive and organizational buy-in.

With any new enterprise-wide technology introduction, success will hinge on building a thorough business case and securing early buy-in. With a thoughtful approach, you have the opportunity to:

  • Gather useful input from employees and subject matter experts
  • Win project allies
  • Generate organizational excitement
  • Secure buy-in and a green light for your project

This practical how-to guide will walk you through the steps for building a business case for your employee communications app in your organization.

Read our guide for Building the Business Case:

BuildingtheBusinessCase LimeadeCommunications - How to Build the Business Case for Communications

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