The best way to make sure you go to the gym? Ask a buddy to come. The best way to improve employee well-being? Ask your company to join in. Positive peer pressure works, certainly, but building a culture of employee well-being isn’t just about encouraging everyone to get their steps in. When peers, managers and […]

Some say employee resource groups are outdated — they’re relics of decades-old inclusion efforts. And with good reason: Grouping employees by “category” seems like the absolute wrong way to create a modern inclusive workplace.  But recent racial unrest tells a different story. People want to be seen and heard for their differences, and they want to […]

Black excellence. It’s the celebration of success in the Black community. However, its purpose goes far beyond simply highlighting individual achievements. Black excellence is a mindset backed by actions that display leadership through perseverance. The true purpose of these actions is to advance the Black community.  The phrase “Black excellence” may have just recently become […]

Remote work isn’t exactly the powerful employee perk it once was. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to make working from home happen, and fast. It was an abrupt adjustment, but employees soon settled into their new commute-free work life.  And now most don’t want to give it up. A whopping 86% of workers who […]

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, the U.S. Capitol was attacked by domestic terrorists. Their intent appeared to be disrupting Congress duly certifying the States’ electoral votes, and thereby the presidential election, a centuries-long tradition of peaceful transition of power in America. Many rioters displayed confederate flags, pro-holocaust slogans and other racist messages. Some attacked police […]

In business, we’re taught to focus on solutions — to not even bring an issue up until you’ve found a workable answer to it. So knowing when employees are struggling with resilience can be difficult to identify, let alone know when it’s time to get training for your team.  Resilience is supposed to be the […]