Supporting Employee Well-Being Through Moments of Shared Stress

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, the U.S. Capitol was attacked by domestic terrorists. Their intent appeared to be disrupting Congress duly certifying the States’ electoral votes, and thereby the presidential election, a centuries-long tradition of peaceful transition of power in America. Many rioters displayed confederate flags, pro-holocaust slogans and other racist messages. Some attacked police […]

Resilience Training: How to Know When Your Team Needs It

In business, we’re taught to focus on solutions — to not even bring an issue up until you’ve found a workable answer to it. So knowing when employees are struggling with resilience can be difficult to identify, let alone know when it’s time to get training for your team.  Resilience is supposed to be the […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: Architecting a Caring Employee Experience

“If you can focus on whole-person well-being, the actions and intentions of a caring employee experience will follow.” — Liz Pavese-Kaplan, Sr. Researcher, Limeade As the world is navigating a storm of influences (the pandemic, social and racial injustices, balancing new work-life arrangements … need we say more?), employees and organizations are preparing for what’s […]

Employee Experience in 2020: The Moments that Mattered

Throughout 2020, employees struggled with burnout, depression, loneliness, fear of COVID-19, fear of discrimination, and fear of having to choose between family and career. And in an era of mistrust of the government and the media, they looked to their companies for support.   Some got it. Some didn’t. This is employee experience. How those employees felt their company supported them, communicated with them and […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: How to Deliver a More Human Employee Experience

“We need to think of EX as being created with employees, not something that is done to our employees.”— Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute As the world collectively continues to combat the pandemic and the effects it has on our lives, employees and organizations are preparing for what’s next. And as no two organizations […]

Workplaces in Crisis: Employee Care Still Missing the Mark

Employees deserve to feel like their company cares about them. It’s a concept that yesterday’s business leaders questioned — but no one’s questioning it now. More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are struggling in unprecedented ways and are looking to their employers as a source of support. Ironically, Limeade launched the 2020 […]