“Burnout happens to your organization’s best employees — the ones who contribute in meaningful ways to your mission.”—Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute Only in the past two years did the World Health Organization (WHO) classify workplace burnout as an occupational syndrome. Traditionally, burnout is thought of as chronic workplace stress that has not been […]

Remote work isn’t exactly the powerful employee perk it once was. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to make working from home happen, and fast. It was an abrupt adjustment, but employees soon settled into their new commute-free work life.  And now most don’t want to give it up. A whopping 86% of workers who […]

Throughout 2020, employees struggled with burnout, depression, loneliness, fear of COVID-19, fear of discrimination, and fear of having to choose between family and career. And in an era of mistrust of the government and the media, they looked to their companies for support.   Some got it. Some didn’t. This is employee experience. How those employees felt their company supported them, communicated with them and […]

As your company has adapted to a new reality, so have your employees. They’ve traded spontaneous collaboration for calendar invites and “lunch and learns” for webinar replays once the kids are asleep. They’ve done what they could to create a productive workspace and keep structure to their days. But they’re not feeling great about it. […]

“We need to think of EX as being created with employees, not something that is done to our employees.”— Lindsay Lagreid, Sr. Advisor, Limeade Institute As the world collectively continues to combat the pandemic and the effects it has on our lives, employees and organizations are preparing for what’s next. And as no two organizations […]

“The information you communicate to your employees has to be relevant. It’s one thing to communicate but being relevant will make sure that messages land.” —Larry Colagiovanni, VP, Research & Development, Limeade Every experience we have, whether it’s going to a restaurant or spending a day at work, is made up of a series of […]