The First Female Recession: How to Support Women Now

Rising women in the workforce has corresponded nicely with rising GDP and business profits over the last several decades. Now, the COVID-19 recession is threatening that progress, and the gender diversity efforts of employers. Not since 1948 has the female unemployment rate hit double digits, according to the National Women’s Law Center. The pandemic hurts […]

Watch Webinar on Demand: Shaping the Employee Experience

“The information you communicate to your employees has to be relevant. It’s one thing to communicate but being relevant will make sure that messages land.” —Larry Colagiovanni, VP, Research & Development, Limeade Every experience we have, whether it’s going to a restaurant or spending a day at work, is made up of a series of […]

Workplaces in Crisis: Employee Care Still Missing the Mark

Employees deserve to feel like their company cares about them. It’s a concept that yesterday’s business leaders questioned — but no one’s questioning it now. More than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are struggling in unprecedented ways and are looking to their employers as a source of support. Ironically, Limeade launched the 2020 […]