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CEO Engagement Challenge Reflections – Brain Games & Giving Thanks

Welcome to week two of the CEO Engagement Challenge. We’ve been encouraging leaders to complete simple and fun health, well-being and work challenges for 21 days throughout the holiday season. This weekend, I had a fun time completing the latest challenges.

Day 4: Play a brain game

I spent some time on my Duolingo learning Portuguese. I’ve always wanted to visit friends in Brazil and take my kids back to Portugal (where I misspent a year of my youth). It’s a great app that helps you guess your way to proficiency. It has a great gamification design as well, helping users level up, earn kudos and earn high-scores in subject areas.

Feeling the need to get away from screen time (even on the massive Samsung Galaxy 3), I also played Quiddler with my daughter and youngest son. Quiddler is a great card game that has just the right amount of luck to help kids compete with (if not quite beat) their folks. It’s one of the cheapest ways to have fun, stay fresh for work and feel like the hours with the kid are worthwhile.

Day 5: Buy an activity tracker 

Because I wear my Fitbit religiously, and love it, I couldn’t really do this for myself. In fact, everyone in my family has one, and we always share what our “high score” is for the day. Whether you believe pedometers drive health or not, you can’t deny they create awareness, competition and fun. Being well-monitored already, I decided to buy two as gifts for some people in my life who need them (shhhh!). There are terrific options out there, most of which will integrate seamlessly with a great company wellness program.

Day 6: Go to sleep an hour earlier

10:20 was the time. I was tired anyway. No big deal. Did some reading. I was grateful for a good night’s sleep — I know not everyone gets these like I do.

Day 7: Write down three things I am thankful for

IMG 0095 300x300 - CEO Engagement Challenge Reflections - Brain Games & Giving Thanks

I guess this blog is as good a place as any. The only stressor for me is that there are so many more than three. Here are three that pop to mind.

1. My family. How many people can quit their job, start a company, make no money for years, work long hours, be self-absorbed, never vacuum, forget to call home… and still have a wife and kids (and brothers and parents) who love him? I can, I do and I am humbled and grateful.

2. My colleagues at work. Mad props to the people who take risks, travel like arctic terns, put in long days and generally soldier on for our customers and our team. They are driven more by the mission than by anything else. Even though I know I can’t ever thank them enough, I can bust my butt to make this a place that’s worth the sacrifice.

3. My health. This morning, I got my biometrics done by some delightful professionals. My cholesterol went from 212 last year to 185 this year, and everything else was in good shape. I even lost a few pounds.

This is a bit of a boring list — so sorry to my friends, the Seahawks, Anthony Hamilton, People Under the Stairs, Brad and all the other things that get me going.

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