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How CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experience

Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht joined Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz, and Rajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade, in a panel discussion at Limeade Engage about how CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experience. Jen Benz, CEO of Benz Communications, moderated the conference’s conversation. The group covered mission, culture and empowering employees.

Top takeaways from Engage Conference CEO Panel: 

On mission and culture:

Sarah - How CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experience

Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz – At Moz, we align everything to our values — we believe the “how” we do something will make a product better, the company better and can make our communities better. To be fully engaged, you have to find your personal connection to your company’s values.

Rajeev 300x300 - How CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experienceRajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade – Every time we get together as a group we talk about mission. We listen to a phone call, share a customer story or talk about our values. We reset on why we’re here. You can have an awesome mission but a not so great culture. You have to believe in transparency. We should all be accountable to each other because we’re all trying to do something noble.

Henry 300x300 - How CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experience

Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade – Often, big companies separate culture and strategy. I think culture and strategy have to mesh perfectly. Culture is how your values manifest themselves every day. The values pertain to how someone is going to show up in their job — so your strategy and culture have to mesh, otherwise you won’t be a great company.

Jen - How CEOs can reinvigorate the employee experience

Jen Benz, CEO of Benz Communications – You have to identify the high performers in the company who may be detrimental to the culture; they may get great metrics, but their toxicity will impact everyone else.

On empowering employees:

Sarah – Being happy and smiley is not the same thing as having a great culture — happiness does not equal engagement. Running a marathon is not happy, but it’s awesome. I can have a great culture while people are experiencing the hardest professional challenge of their lives. We can say, “I am so excited to flex my muscles and try something hard.” There’s something wonderful about that experience — even if it’s hard.

Rajeev – We have to trust each other. We push employees to take risks within guardrails. Our employees get on the phone and with no scripts. We use technology to give people the framework to engage but largely we say, “do the right thing for that person on the phone and make sure that they are taken care of.” That’s the ultimate trust.

Henry – Personal check-ins are so important. Our values, culture and well-being goals are included in our five performance goals. It’s as simple as asking, “How are you?” “Is there anything I can help you with?” “Is your life going ok?”

Key Takeaway:


– Henry Albrecht

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