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Changemaker Spotlight: Neal Andrews from Montana University System

Neal Andrews is an exercise and fitness specialist at Montana University System (MUS). He’s part of a dynamic duo with Cristin Stokes, the nutrition and health education specialist. Together, they’ve transformed their well-being program to inspire 8,000 employees across the state of Montana.

As part of their role, they travel across the state to rally all 14 locations and support wellness champions. Employees see them almost as well-being celebrities in the program — but accessible ones. They receive hundreds of emails a year asking questions about recipes or workouts and they always take the time to personally respond.

Partnership with Limeade

MUS partnered with Limeade to create a program that appeals to employees in any part of the state and at any point in their well-being journey. Their program is tailored to Montanans — they incorporate state pride to push people to be active and take advantage of the outdoors. They also have a blog, Montana Moves & Montana Meals, full of health and well-being content to give their employees additional tools and resources to become healthy.

Why is Neal Andrews a Limeade Changemaker?

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Neal wakes up every morning with the belief that he can change the lives around him. He’s committed to pushing himself and the status quo. Neal believes anything is possible.

As advocates for goal setting, Neal and Cristin set professional and personal goals every year. This summer, Neal committed to the RAM (Ride Across Montana), which he created and marketed all on his own. He had a crazy idea to ride his bike across the entire state of Montana and visit MUS campuses along the way.

The goal of this endeavor? To inspire and empower employees to dream big, get outside and engage in their well-being program. Neal even organized meet-and-greet pep rallies along the way to encourage employees to join him on their bikes. His personal connection with employees makes all the difference. Whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts or social media, Neal’s voice and presence are far reaching.

Neal has become a well-being celebrity and helps foster a culture of well-being improvement at MUS. At Limeade, we want to improve well-being in the world, and we can’t do it without Changemakers like Neal Andrews.

Check out this two-minute video on Neal’s RAM: 

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