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Relevant Employee Well-Being Initiatives Need Expert Customization

Today, employee well-being initiatives compete for attention with apps tailored to people’s every preference. For internal teams looking to engage their workforce, the pressure is on to deliver a similarly customized experience, at scale.

It doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. With a flexible approach and technology that can leverage what’s best about your company culture, you can create interactions that feel relevant to every person without needing to be bespoke.

At Limeade, our purpose-driven customer success team helps our partners create customized employee experiences that take advantage of the latest behavior change science coming out of the Limeade Institute while still reflecting company culture. Here’s how we do it.

Branding your well-being program to match organizational culture

The relationship that matters most is the one between your company and your people. Your well-being solution should strengthen that relationship, not stand between it. That’s why the ideal Limeade experience is one where employees never realize they’re using Limeade at all.

Every company that works with Limeade gets paired with a member of our team. Their job isn’t just to help you understand Limeade, it’s to help Limeade understand your business. They’ll get to know your culture, then partner with you to customize the Limeade Well-Being solution to reflect it. From the name, to the logo, to the activities, the experience will feel uniquely yours. 

Flexible technology to streamline all of your well-being, benefits and culture-building initiatives  

While we’re customizing the look and feel of your well-being program, we’re also customizing its functionality. To give your employees an experience that’s relevant, it needs to be holistic. Our technology is flexible so we can collect and deliver what your workforce needs, regardless of who provides it.

We’ll work with you to understand the whole employee well-being journey and bring it all within one experience. By integrating directly with your benefits and resources, we’re able to create a unified employee app that gives your people what they need in one place. It takes away the guessing game of where to go for what and creates a sense of care — that their needs are being anticipated and met.

Limeade delivers a seamless user experience — we’ve integrated with more than 250 companies — in a single, centralized location. See how you can help employees review company benefits and increase awareness and utilization:

Experts in your corner drawing on the latest employee experience science

The most effective well-being initiatives combine all the personal touches with the universal employee experience best practices. There are some habits and preferences we all share, and new research all the time about what drives lasting behavior change and meaningful interactions. Understanding how to make employee experience design work for you — by adapting it to your unique culture — is the key to an experience that feels personal while still being rooted in science.

Your partner on the Limeade side embeds in your business, internalizing your company’s goals and understanding where your people are today. Then we take what we know about changing behaviors, and customize it to help you create a direct path forward. It’s our customer success team’s job to stay on top of the rapid-fire changes in the employee experience industry. They bring the latest science to you, with customized recommendations based on your unique culture.

This hands-on approach allows us to meet customers where they’re at, identify important goals and get them there with an actionable, data-backed plan. The result is a well-being program employees love to use, one that adds value to their lives and your business.

What makes a successful employee well-being initiative? The same things that make a successful company

The culture that makes your company competitive — the one that’s worth protecting with an investment in employee well-being — is the same one that will make your efforts successful.

You can show your people that you care by giving them relevant experiences that respect their time and see them as individuals. Limeade helps you do that by creating a space that feels uniquely designed for the company, by integrating all of your benefits in one experience and by bringing in the latest science, tailored to your business and people needs.

If you want to learn more about what it looks like in practice — and what kind of results it can drive — get in touch today.