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CVS plan to incentivize healthy living is win-win

There is a growing trend among organizations these days: incentivize healthy living.

Why? Well, given the rising cost of health care and increased legislation related to the Affordable Health Care for America Act, companies throughout the country are considering different ways to reduce their health care costs. CVS Caremark is among them.

While CVS Caremark’s plan may been referred to as a penalty in the media, it is incentivizing healthy living by having their employees report weight, body fat and glucose levels to their insurer in order to secure the employee a lower health care premium. These programs can benefit both employees, who save money and better maintain their health, and employers, who can reap health cost savings and productivity gains.

Smart employers are driving new levels of health and wellness through social programs which in turn helps them deal with health care reform. Hundreds of thousands of employees at The Ohio State University, Jamba Juice and 70 more companies are losing weight, getting preventive care, learning to manage their finances and getting to know more people at work through participation in community driven well-being programs.

Enabling a healthy and happy workforce should be a key function for HR, and all corporate executives regardless of industry. So what is your plan to engage your employees in wellness?