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A deeper look into how Limeade integrates with partners

At Limeade, customers are at the heart of our product innovation. Last year, we announced the Limeade Integration Center as part of our Smart Hub platform. The seed for this milestone was planted through an informal customer discussion during a Limeade Advisory Board (LAB) meeting.

Learning from our customers

LAB attendees are senior HR leaders at customer organizations who deeply care for their employees and provide strategic guidance on the direction of our business. Their stories are a great reminder of our mission and why Limeade exists in the first place. For product managers, this is an opportunity to learn about our customers’ key business problems.

During a past LAB discussion, we learned how our customers deal with hundreds of different vendors, and how that can be difficult to manage. So, we thought: What if Limeade could integrate every vendor under a single platform? We could significantly reduce administrative burdens for our customers and help them focus on their core mission of supporting their employees. This insight reinforced and validated the vision of the Smart Hub platform.

The solution

Our team mapped stakeholder needs to three solution areas:

  1. For users: Offer seamless access to the right resources at the right time
  2. For partners: Offer an easy on-boarding experience, enabling them to serve their solution to the users within days vs. months
  3. For HR buyers: Aggregate different vendor solutions with hassle-free integrations, shorter implementation cycles and partner-usage insights

The Limeade Integration Center

Today, the Smart Hub effectively addresses all the areas above. We make it easy for employers to integrate with other programs — like a recognition program from Achievers, health concierge programs from Accolade, or hundreds of devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit wearables.

Thanks to our integration center and powerful machine learning, we guide people to relevant partner programs at the right time. This allows users to get real-time feedback as they progress and rewarded upon completion. It also helps them stay on track, boosts program results and ultimately helps people improve their well-being and engagement. This is good for employees — and for business!

Limeade platform - A deeper look into how Limeade integrates with partners

Through a single application programming interface (API), the Limeade platform can promote and incentivize any activity ranging from healthy grocery purchases to setting up a financial budget, all in real time. The platform now aggregates millions of activities from a wide range of well-being and engagement partners.

Delighting customers is our top value. As product managers, we live this by listening and continuously aligning our roadmap to meet our customers’ needs. The Limeade team is excited to continue to deliver whole-person well-being and engagement programs to our users.

About the Author

Yogesh Ratnaparkhi is a Director of Product Management at Limeade. Yogesh joined Limeade in 2012 as an engineering lead. Since then, he has evolved from a technical product manager to the director of product management. He is committed to evolving the Limeade platform to be smarter, more personalized and extensible across hundreds of partners, apps and devices. He integrates Limeade values into his life through being and teaching mindfulness. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Indian Classical Music and performs across North America.