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E-book: Can you spot burnout?

Engaged employees drive real business results. They're energized, enthusiastic and focused. They enjoy their work, help boost productivity, performance and growth. Ultimately, engagement is good for people and for business.

With a great culture, a supportive manager and a job that provides meaning and purpose, employees are more likely to feel engaged at work. This is when employees really thrive — but it’s a fine line. Highly engaged employees are at risk for job burnout because it’s not possible to sustain high levels of engagement over time.

What is burnout? It's a prolonged exposure to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job. Burnout happens when a highly engaged employee begins to have low well-being without any support from their manager or organization.

In this in-depth e-book you'll learn how to foster an engaged workforce, the danger of expecting employees to sustain high levels of engagement and tips for battling job burnout in your company today.


  • The truth about employee burnout — and the most common causes
  • How to detect the difference between burnout and disengagement
  • Tips for battling burnout

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