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E-book: Employee Experience and the War for Talent

Recruiting and retaining great talent can feel like a battle — it’s called the war for talent for good reason. From meeting quotas, competing for top talent, to managing and reducing turnover, the hurdles are high. But there’s one piece of the puzzle Talent Management can’t afford to ignore: employee experience.

At Limeade, we believe that a great employee experience enhances recruiting and retention efforts, and so much more. Employee expectations are at an all-time high and employees are looking for more than a paycheck — they want to feel supported, connected and valued. They want to know that their company cares.

91% of employees with high well-being and organizational support are less likely to leave.


  • How employee experience influences recruiting and retention
  • Why Talent Management is uniquely positioned to act on the connections between recruiting, retention, engagement, well-being and more
  • How to translate employee needs and feelings into real organizational tactics
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