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E-book: How to Navigate a Consolidating Employee Engagement Market

The employee engagement industry is changing rapidly. With mergers, acquisitions, private equity fire sales and occasionally reinventions, re-invigorations and rebirths, the change can be confusing. It can also lead to advances in innovation and meaningful differentiation.

Today, employers expect technology solutions that embrace a whole-employee approach to well-being, while addressing other key elements of the employee experience. Buyers are looking for an immersive experience that weaves together well-being and employee engagement with other elements like social recognition, inclusion, learning, performance management and more.

Employees want a simple experience.

In this in-depth e-book you’ll discover how the industry is changing and how your company can navigate a consolidating employee engagement market.


  • An integrated approach to evolving to employee engagement and how to stay ahead of changes in the market
  • Best practices for purchasing technology in an unsteady environment
  • Today's three paths of well-being solutions your organization can follow

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