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E-book: The Limeade Employee Experience Maturity Model

When well-being and engagement are emphasized, a great employee experience follows. The Limeade Employee Experience Maturity Model helps pinpoint where your company is today — and where you could be.

From interview to onboarding to exit, there are many ways you and your people can create an intentional, cohesive employee experience. But that ideal experience won’t materialize overnight, it takes time and effort to cultivate — and it’s essential to understand where you are to get to where you need to be. After all, you’re in charge of your company’s most valuable asset: your people.

What is The Limeade Employee Experience Maturity Model? The model provides an entirely new way of looking at the evolution of people programs…and gives companies a better picture of what they should aim for when it comes to building an intentional employee experience.

In this in-depth e-book you'll discover how your company can improve the employee experience, starting today.


  • How to broadly design a coordinated and collaborative set of people programs that put employees first
  • Ways to offer a compelling experience for your people that brings company culture to life
  • How to plan for the future and ways to measure program value

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