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3 ways to embrace diversity this holiday season at work

With the rich array of culturally diverse talent on your team, we bet there are quite a few holiday celebrations coming up. And not everyone is likely celebrating Christmas. So how can you embrace the festivities in a way that’s inclusive to everyone?

Share your traditions!

Here are 3 fun ways you can celebrate a culturally diverse holiday season at work:

1. Winter tales

Anyone with a tradition this time of year understands the nostalgia that this season inspires. Create a challenge that invites your employees to share their holiday or winter traditions. This is a fun way for employees to learn more about each other and connect over their shared traditions. Kudos to employees that share a link to old photos as well!

2. Revamp your workspace

It’s time to get creative! Invite your employees to decorate their workspaces for the holidays. You can encourage everyone to share decorations that align with their holiday celebrations or focus on the season – like cut out snowflakes and white lights. You can help out by offering basic supplies – scissors, paper, balloons. At the end of the month hold a vote to see who rocked their workspace best. This is a great way to let your employees flex their creative muscles – and it has the added benefit of brightening up the office during the gloomiest time of year.

3. Feast around the globe

Food sets the tone for many celebrations and everyone appreciates a free lunch at work. Host a festive potluck and invite your employees to bring dishes inspired by their holiday traditions. Encourage everyone to share their recipes and consider opening the potluck up to family as well.