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What we learned about employee habits Andrew Sykes

Last month, we hosted a webinar with Andrew Sykes, Founder and President of Habits at Work – a consulting firm that combines science with behavioral research to help companies support the health, happiness and security of their employees. Andrew built his company around the idea that employee habits form the building blocks for all successful businesses. And when he presented his webinar on “What it takes to become a best place to work,” we were all ears.

Andrew shared real-life examples of how pivotal habits like sleep and nutrition affect the workplace. Even more important, he shows us why leaders should care — these pivotal habits build high-performing individuals and company cultures.

Below are a few takeaways to inspire pivotal habits within your own company. 


Recognize the importance of your employees

Thriving Employees → Delighting Customers → Flourishing Company

The most successful companies know they wouldn’t exist without their all-star employees and satisfied customers. Thriving employees are those who are healthy, happy and financially secure. And they’re the gateway to happy customers who help your company flourish.


Exercise is at the root of employee performance

Andrew’s research team uncovered a set of 10 pivotal habits that prepare us to live our best lives both in and out of the office. And these habits allow employees to becomes healthier, happier and more secure — which ultimately drives employee performance at work.

While habits like our sleep routines, breathing techniques, stress management, volunteering and retirement savings all contribute to how we perform at work, exercise is at the root of unlocking employee performance. 


There’s a formula for habit change

Four forces determine whether people learn a new habit: capability, motivation, barriers and temptations. In short, confidence in our capabilities and motivation to change needs to be greater than the barriers to action and temptations that surround us daily. Employers can help at every level to make sure this equation is constantly in balance. 

And while Andrew shared that the best place for change to take place is in the office, he also stressed that companies must invest in the success of their people, even when they’re not at work. 

Employer of choice May 2016 Webinar 1 - What we learned about employee habits Andrew Sykes


Watch webinar: What it takes to become a great place to work
Be sure to check out the Q&A section at the 46:00 mark to hear Andrew’s take on how to integrate exercise and healthy eating into your business and effective ways to get leadership on board.

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