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Employee health & fitness day at Limeade

Yesterday was National Employee Health and Fitness Day – and we celebrated in style here at Limeade. Take a look at our re-cap of a full day of healthy and fun events.

Morning Juice

We started the day on a healthy note, with fresh smoothies from Jamba Juice.


Flash Fitness

We then saw a product demo of our updated internal wellness program – LimeMates Be It. One of our new challenges is called “Flash Fitness.” Everyone was given a whistle (I think we may regret this…) to blow at any point during the day and challenge fellow co-workers to one minute of any fitness activity. Planks, crunches, wall sits – you name it.

We kicked off with a challenge over Twitter from our video producer.

Pushup challenge

Lunch Time Walkin’

At noon a group went for a lovely walk around Bellevue Downtown Park.

walking meeting

Xbox Dance-Off

We then got to show off our dance moves in a Xbox dance-off to Lady GaGa.

dance off

Yoga & Meditation

Yogesh, our resident meditation expert, led folks in a guided session in the afternoon.


Afternoon Scooter Races

And to really spice things up, we created a racing track around the office and challenged employees to beat each others times on Limeade scooters. We never thought it was possible to go so fast on carpet.

riley scooter

Cheers to a fun-filled day of healthy activities. If you celebrated Employee Health and Fitness Day at your company, we’d love to hear about the activities in the comments below.