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Are your employees satisfied with their benefits?

We partnered with Quantum Workplace, a leading workplace survey and employee feedback technology company, to find out exactly what motivates employees to be their best. We analyzed feedback from nearly 2,000 survey responses to produce the report “Workplace Well-Being: Provide Meaningful Benefits to Energize Employee Health, Engagement, and Performance.” Check out our top level findings

Do you know if your employees are satisfied with the benefits you offer?

This may be more important than you think. In our analysis of 2,000 employee responses, we found that:

Employee engagement is higher when workforces are satisfied with the health and well-being benefits their employers provides.

Satisfaction Graph

While more than three-fourths of engaged employees said they were satisfied with the health and well-being benefits their organization provides, fewer than half of hostile employees were. This underlines that engagement increases when employees are more satisfied with their benefits.

Engaged Graphic

What do I do?

When assessing your own employee engagement strategy, consider surveying your employees to make sure that you’re offering benefits that they value. Knowing what will satisfy and motivate your employees will not only lead to a happier workforce, but a more engaged and productive one.

Take time to ask employees for feedback on your offerings, analyze the findings and make selections based on what matters to them – and not just what looks good on paper. You might even save money in the process.

Need some inspiration on revamping your benefits? Check out our list of 10 low-cost benefits your employees will love. And if you’re unsure if your employees are engaged, use our 5 ways to spot an engaged employee checklist.

To dive into the benefits that were most valued in our survey analysis, download the full report.

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