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5 ways to engage retail employees in well-being this summer

There’s a new trend in retail – and we’re really excited about it. Retail companies are making their customer’s well-being (in and outside the store) a top priority. We’re seeing this with new fitness lines inspiring us to be workout-ready all day, social campaigns encouraging us to #optoutside or even complimentary workout classes.

But we’re even more excited about what’s happening behind the scenes. Not only do these retail companies want to push us as customers – they’re also pushing their employees to engage in well-being initiatives.

We’ve put together five of our favorite examples to show you how to engage your own employees in well-being this summer – all from rockstar retail employers.

5 ways to engage retail employees in well-being this summer

1. Give employees an outlet to share their voice. Take note from The North Face and create a blog for your employees to share what they love. Whether it’s posts featuring employee’s endeavors (such as running a marathon or summiting a mountain) or training exercises and activities, the Never Stop Exploring blog inspires everyone to accomplish new feats.

2. Sponsor company-wide adventure activities. When it comes to adventure, Eddie Bauer knows a thing or two. The company sponsors monthly employee activities such as rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, on-site yoga and workout bootcamps.

3. Give employees time to play outside. No company does outside play better than REI. The #optoutside company, who closed down all stores on Thanksgiving so employees and customers could be outside, offers all employees two Yay Days a year – a paid day off to get employees outdoors to play. And it’s working: during the first Yay Day period, nearly 75% of employees took advantage and went outside.

4. Encourage active lunch breaks. Patagonia encourages employees to take active lunch breaks, and offers on-site activities. If the Patagonia midday surf break or on-site volleyball court seems out of reach for your company, consider organizing lunch time runs or inviting coworkers to follow a yoga video in a conference room.

5. Host a 5k run/walk. Follow Macy’s lead and host an annual 5k for employees and their family and friends. Make it free to employees and offer relevant prizes for winners, like a Fitbit or credit towards an upcoming fitness event.

Tip for managers: No matter how you engage your retail employees in well-being, remember that employees are only half of the equation – managers need to reinforce your organization’s commitment to employee well-being. Encourage managers to allow their employees to take time for their well-being and to promote company well-being initiatives. 

Additional resources: If you’re looking for more tips to engage retail employees in well-being, check out 7 ways to get retail employees to say “cha-ching!” to wellness.