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Event recap: Cooking up intentional culture

Our Chief People Officer Laura Hamill, Ph.D. recently hit the ground in Chicago to host a healthy cooking class and chat about architecting intentional culture with 15 Chicago-based HR leaders.

Take a look at our favorite quotes, takeaways and photos. And dig in deeper on Laura’s culture philosophy, check out her recent Q&A article in the Chicago Tribune.

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Cooking tips for building an intentional culture

2015 09 04 17.37.46 300x188 - Event recap: Cooking up intentional culture“(Intentionally) commit to crushing your garlic”

Your culture needs to align with your strategy. This means threading culture through everything you do – every policy, procedure, system, benefit, perk, even your office setup. Everything should be intentional and consistent with your culture.

20150901 174417 300x169 - Event recap: Cooking up intentional culture“Cooking [like company culture] is all about preference – you don’t have to follow the recipe or list of ingredients every time”  

It’s all about your company, which is why there is no “right” or “wrong” culture. What works for one organization might not for the other. But one thing is true: Culture powerfully shapes your employees’ behavior, so they must hear the culture message you want them to.

How to be more intentional about culture

  • Develop culture cards for your company values with the behaviors you want your employees to live and hand them out
  • Include a culture component in all company meetings
  • Create a company-wide interview guide that reflects core values and behaviors
  • Incorporate a culture index into your employee survey
  • Train leaders to be cultural ambassadors
  • Educate new employees on the culture
  • Consider the effects of future projects on your culture
  • Write down what you need from your culture (consider asking your CEO to create a culture manifesto)


Bon appétit!