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Event recap: What we learned from 8 Philly HR leaders

Last week, our Chief People Officer Laura Hamill, Ph.D., and Employee Wellness Advisor, Fran Melmed, led a lively breakfast conversation about architecting culture with 8 Philadelphia-based HR leaders. It was incredibly interesting to identify similar challenges amongst very diverse organizations.

Here’s a look back at our favorite moments, quotes and pictures:

"An organization is not static, and building intentional culture is not easy." - Fran Melmed

Limeade culture breakfast

On climate vs. culture

"Some companies believe that a ping pong table defines their culture, but we consider that 'climate'. Culture is the WHY behind having the ping pong table; what you want your employees to experience day-to-day." - Laura Hamill, PhD

"Culture should not solely be top down. You can support a culture of health and well-being through celebrating successes of your employees. Their peers and C-suite will take notice and share in those successes."

On culture alignment 

"I appreciate that we're addressing the physical environment as part of our culture. It's making me think differently about how we're meeting the needs of our employees within the office space."

"Try to understand the behavior of your employees day-to-day, and decide whether the broader culture strategy aligns with that." - Laura Hamill, PhD

"People are creatures of habit; our focus should be on how we change the culture, rather than the individual's behavior."

On employee privacy

"I find that most people who achieve a large goal or improve on a behavior change are proud of their efforts and want to share their story. Let employees choose their privacy boundaries. Invite employees to share their success stories and create a variety of vehicles (such as web forums or newsletters) for them to share." - Fran Melmed

On caregivers

"One of our largest challenges is building a culture of support for an employee population who are focused on providing care to others. We need to re-teach self care and create an incentive program that reflects that set of caregiver values."

Limeade culture breakfast

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